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August 24, 2008


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Heather Young

Oh my kids have some of those--my son confiscated the whole set when my brother-in-law got them for all three for Christmas. It never occurred to me to put them on a towel (I tried using a sheet but that was too big.) What a wonderful idea.


My son is a Lego Lover too. He saves all his money for Lego's! Looking forward to seeing the finished work!


My son is another Lego fan too! Lost pieces drive me nuts, and the towel looks a great idea - you should patent it!! We just had a new Star Wars set here.

Missus Wookie

We created a 2 up photo album with shots of the various models and an index card journaling spot written by the creator (or me depending on the length and complexity - not to mention age of the creator).

But then we have a couple of lego fans here too, celebrate Lego's birthday every year and love visiting Legoland...

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